Country Election for Date Status
Norway Norwegian Parliament 2021-09-13 Confirmed
Macau Chinese Legislative Council (Macau) 2021-09-12 Confirmed
Morocco Moroccan Chamber of Representatives 2021-09-08 Held
Zambia Zambian National Assembly 2021-08-12 Held
Zambia President 2021-08-12 Held
Mexico Referendum 2021-08-01 Held
Saint Lucia Saint Lucian House of Representatives 2021-07-26 Held
Sao Tome and Principe President 2021-07-18 Held
Moldova, Republic of Moldovan Parliament 2021-07-11 Held
Slovenia Referendum 2021-07-11 Held
Bulgaria Bulgarian National Assembly 2021-07-11 Held
Aruba Aruban Legislature 2021-06-25 Held
Gibraltar Referendum 2021-06-24 Held
Ethiopia Ethiopian House of People's Representatives 2021-06-21 Held
Armenia Armenian National Assembly 2021-06-20 Held
Iran, Islamic Republic of President 2021-06-18 Held
Algeria Algerian National People's Assembly 2021-06-12 Held
Mongolia President 2021-06-09 Held
Mexico Mexican Chamber of Deputies 2021-06-06 Held
Gambia, The Referendum 2021-06-05 Confirmed
Syrian Arab Republic President 2021-05-26 Held
Cayman Islands Cayman Legislative Assembly 2021-05-26 Held
Cyprus Cypriot House of Representatives 2021-05-23 Held
Viet Nam Vietnamese National Assembly 2021-05-23 Held
Wales National Assembly for Wales 2021-05-06 Held
Scotland (part of the United Kingdom) Scottish Parliament 2021-05-06 Held
Djibouti President 2021-04-30 Held
Albania Parliament of Albania 2021-04-25 Held
Chad President 2021-04-11 Held
Peru President 2021-04-11 Held