Country Election for Date Status
Australia Australian House of Representatives 2022-05-21 Confirmed
Australia Australian Senate 2022-05-21 Confirmed
Lebanon Lebanese National Assembly 2022-05-15 Held
Switzerland Referendum 2022-05-15 Confirmed
Philippines President 2022-05-09 Confirmed
Philippines Philippine House of Representatives 2022-05-09 Confirmed
Philippines Philippine Senate 2022-05-09 Confirmed
France President of France 2022-04-24 Held
Slovenia Slovenian National Assembly 2022-04-24 Confirmed
Timor-Leste President 2022-04-19 Held
France President of France 2022-04-10 Held
Mexico Referendum 2022-04-10 Confirmed
Gambia, The Gambian National Assembly 2022-04-09 Held
Hungary Hungarian National Assembly 2022-04-03 Held
Serbia Serbian National Assembly 2022-04-03 Held
Costa Rica President 2022-04-03 Confirmed
Hungary Referendum 2022-04-03 Held
Serbia President 2022-04-03 Held
Uruguay Referendum 2022-03-27 Confirmed
Malta Maltese House of Representatives 2022-03-26 Held
Timor-Leste President 2022-03-19 Held
Colombia Colombian House of Representatives 2022-03-13 Held
Colombia Colombian Senate 2022-03-13 Held
Turkmenistan President 2022-03-12 Confirmed
South Korea President 2022-03-09 Held
Belarus Referendum 2022-02-27 Held
Switzerland Referendum 2022-02-13 Held
Costa Rica President 2022-02-06 Confirmed
Costa Rica Costa Rican Legislative Assembly 2022-02-06 Confirmed
Portugal Portuguese Assembly of the Republic 2022-01-30 Held