Country Election for Date Status
Sao Tome and Principe President 2021-07-31 Date not confirmed
Mexico Referendum 2021-08-01 Date not confirmed
Zambia Zambian National Assembly 2021-08-12 Confirmed
Zambia President 2021-08-12 Confirmed
Somalia Somali House of the People 2021-08-31 Postponed
Morocco Moroccan Chamber of Representatives 2021-09-08 Confirmed
Macau Chinese Legislative Council (Macau) 2021-09-12 Date not confirmed
Norway Norwegian Parliament 2021-09-13 Confirmed
Russian Federation Russian Federal Duma 2021-09-19 Date not confirmed
Isle of Man Isle of Man House of Keys 2021-09-23 Confirmed
Iceland Icelandic Parliament 2021-09-25 Confirmed
Germany German Federal Diet 2021-09-26 Confirmed
Haiti Haitian Chamber of Deputies 2021-09-26 Postponed
Haiti Referendum 2021-09-26 Postponed
Haiti Haitian Senate 2021-09-26 Postponed
Haiti President 2021-09-26 Date not confirmed
Iraq Iraqi Council of Representatives 2021-10-10 Confirmed
Czechia Czech Chamber of Deputies 2021-10-15 Date not confirmed
Japan Japanese House of Representatives 2021-10-22 Date not confirmed
Uzbekistan President 2021-10-24 Date not confirmed
Chad Chadian National Assembly 2021-10-24 Postponed
Cape Verde President 2021-10-31 Date not confirmed
Mali Referendum 2021-10-31 Date not confirmed
Nicaragua Nicaraguan National Assembly 2021-11-07 Confirmed
Nicaragua President 2021-11-07 Confirmed
Nepal House of Representatives of Nepal 2021-11-12 Snap
Argentina Argentinian Chamber of Deputies 2021-11-14 Confirmed
Argentina Argentinian Senate 2021-11-14 Date not confirmed
Chile Chilean Senate 2021-11-21 Date not confirmed
Chile Chilean Chamber of Deputies 2021-11-21 Date not confirmed