Republic of Iraq

40,412,299 8

Population (as of Feb. 8, 2019)

Elections in our database

22,116,368 65.98%

Registered Voters (as of Jan. 22, 2022)

Average Turnout

Name Official Name Type
Iraqi Council of Representatives Majlis an-Nuwwab al-`Iraqiyy Assembly

Description of government structure:

  • Chief of State: President Barham SALIH[1]
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Abdil ABDUL-MAHDI
  • Assembly: Iraq has a unicameral Council of Representatives (Majlis an-Nuwwab al-`Iraqiyy) with 328 seats.

Description of electoral system:

  • The President is elected by parliament to serve a 4-year term.
  • The Prime Minister is elected by parliament.
  • In the Council of Representatives (Majlis an-Nuwwab al-`Iraqiyy) 328 members are elected through an open-list proportional representation system to serve 4-year terms.[2][3]

More information on electoral system and seat allocation can be found here: UNAMI, IHEC


[1] The President is one of three members of a Transitional Presidency Council, which is elected by the legislature.

[2] A new electoral law in 2013 increased the size of the Council from 325 members to 328 members (formerly 310 seats from party lists in each governorate and 7 national compensatory seats). Under the new system, 320 seats are apportioned among 18 governorates and 8 are reserved to minority groups in specific governorates (Christian (5), Sabean (1), Shabak (1), and Yizidi (1)). Constitutionally, the membership of the Council is to seek to achieve at least 25% (82 seats) representation of women. Each list must have 1 female candidate after each 3 male candidates. The Council election also allows for the participation of out-of-country voters (OCV), who are able to vote at the governorate-level tier. For more information, see IHEC and UNAMI links.

[3] In November 2013, the Supreme Court ruled that calculating seats based on the largest remainder system was unconstitutional because it discriminated against smaller parties. The new method used to calculate seats will be a modified St. Lague method.

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Election For Date Votes Registered Voters Turn Out
Iraqi Council of Representatives 2005-01-30 8,550,571 14,662,639 58.32%
Referendum 2005-10-15 10,053,380 15,568,702 64.57%
Iraqi Council of Representatives 2005-12-15 12,396,631 15,568,702 79.63%
Iraqi Council of Representatives 2010-03-07 11,526,412 19,000,000 60.67%
Iraqi Council of Representatives 2014-04-30 13,013,765 21,500,000 60.53%
Referendum 2017-09-25 3,305,925 4,581,255 72.16%
Iraqi Council of Representatives 2018-05-12 - - -
Iraqi Council of Representatives 2021-10-10 9,629,601 22,116,368 -

Voter Turnout