Dec. 21, 2014 Held


Republic of Uzbekistan

Election for Qonunchilik palatasi (Uzbekistani Legislative Chamber)


Voter Participation

Cast Votes:18,490,245
Valid Votes:None
Invalid Votes:None

Seat Share By Party:

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Vote Share by Party:

Party Seats Won Seats Change Votes

Liberal Democratic Party (O'zbekiston Liberal Demokratik Partiyasi) 47

Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (Milly Tiklanish) 28

The People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (The People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan) 21

Social Democratic Party (Adolat) 17

Election Results Modified: Feb 25, 2015

General Information

*Note: Number of votes and percentages are currently unavailable.  A second round of voting occurred 4 January 2015.  

At stake in this election:      

  • 135 (of 150) seats in Uzbekistan’s Legislative Chamber (Qonunchilik Palatasi)  

Description of government structure:

  • Chief of State: President Islom KARIMOV (since 24 March 1990)
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Shavkat MIRZIYOYEV (since 11 December 2003)
  • Assembly: Uzbekistan has a bicameral Supreme Assembly (Oliy Majlis) consisting of the Senate with 100 seats and the Legislative Chamber (Qonunchilik Palatasi) with 150 seats.

Description of electoral system:

  • The President is elected by popular vote to serve a 5-year term.
  • The Prime Minister is appointed by the President, “approved” by parliament.
  • In the Senate, 84 members are elected by regional governing councils to serve 5-year terms and 16 members are appointed by the president. In the Legislative Chamber, 135 members are elected by absolute majority vote in single-member constituencies to serve 5-year terms.* The remaining 15 seats are reserved for the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan.

** At least 33% of the electorate must turnout in each constituency for the election in that constituency to be a valid. If this does not happen a run off between the top two candidates is held. This also happens if no candidate receives an absolute majority in the first round.

Election Notes:

On Sunday 21 December 2014, Uzbekistan will hold an election for the Legislative Chamber (Qonunchilik Palatasi).[i]

Main parties in the electoral race:

  • Party: Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan / O'zbekiston Ekologik Harakati
    • Leader: Boriy ALIXONOV
    • Seats won in last election: N/A
  • Party: Justice Social Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (Adolat)
    • Leader: Narimon UMAROV
    • Seats won in last election: 19
  • Party: Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan / O’zbekiston Liberal-Demokratik Partiyasi (LDPU) or (UzLiDeP)
    • Leader: Sodiqjob TURDIYEV
    • Seats won in last election: 53
  • Party: Milliy Tiklanish Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (National Revival)
    • Leader: Sarvar OTAMURATOV
    • Seats won in last election: 31
  • Party: People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan / Xalq Demokratik Partiyas (NDP) or (PDPU) *
    • Leader: Hotamjon KETMONOV
    • Seats won in last election: 32
    • *Formerly the Communist Party.

Last election:

  • The last election to the Legislative Chamber (Qonunchilik Palatasi) in Uzbekistan was held on 27 December 2009.[ii] Turnout was 87.76 percent and 15,108,100 of 17,215,700 people casted ballots.[iii] The Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (LDPU) won 53 seats and the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (NDP) won 32 seats.[iv] Results can be found here.

Population and number of registered voters:

  • Population: 28,929,716 (July 2014 est)[v]
  • Registered Voters: 17,215,700 (2010)[vi]

Gender Data:

  • Female Population: 14,533,168 (July 2014 est)[vii]
  • Is Uzbekistan a signatory to CEDAW: No.[viii]
  • Has Uzbekistan ratified CEDAW: Yes (19 July 1995)[ix]
  • Gender Quota:  Yes. Legislated Candidate Quotas for the Legislative Chamber (30%).[x]
  • Female Candidates in this election: N/A
  • Number of Female Legislators: 33 (22%) of 150 seats in the House of Assembly.[xi]
  • Human Development Index (HDI) Position: 116[xii]
  • Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) Categorization: Medium (latest categorizations are from 2014)[xiii]

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Election Modified: Aug 17, 2023

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