May 25, 2014 Held


Kingdom of Denmark



Voter Participation

Cast Votes:2,303,178
Valid Votes:2,219,790
Invalid Votes:83,388

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Election Results Modified: Jun 21, 2024

General Information

At stake in this referendum:

  • The Kingdom of Denmark’s accession to the Unified Patent Court

Description of government structure:

  • Chief of State: Queen MARGRETHE II
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Helle THORNING-SCHMIDT
  • Assembly: Denmark has a unicameral Parliament (Folketinget) with 179 seats.

Description of electoral system:

  • Referendums in Denmark are held on the basis of majority vote. In order for a referendum to be defeated, it must be rejected by a majority of voters and no less than thirty percent of the electorate.

Election Notes:

  • According to the Danish constitution, a 5/6 parliamentary majority must vote to approve participation in an international agreement when powers are delegated to international authorities.
  • If only a simple majority can be reached in parliament, the constitution demands that a referendum be held.
  • The required 5/6 majority could not be obtained due to objection by the Red-Green Alliance and the Danish People’s Party. The referendum will be held alongside elections to the European Parliament.

Main provisions in this referendum:

  • Participation in the EU Unified Patent Court: If the provision is accepted, the Danish government will join the Unified Patent Court (UPC), which streamlines patent procedures in an effort to improve the competitiveness of companies in the EU. The UPC would hear cases of patent infringement and validity claims regarding European patents and the new European patent with unitary effect, replacing the need for these proceedings to occur in each member state individually. The national patent systems will remain in place. Denmark was one of the 25 member states that approved the UPC’s creation on 19 February 2013.

Population and Voter Registration:

  • Population: 5,643,475 (2014)
  • Registered Voters: 4,079,910 (2011)

Gender Data:

·         Female Population: 2,844,311 (2014)

·         Is Denmark a signatory to CEDAW: Yes (17 July 1980)

·         Has Denmark ratified CEDAW: Yes (21 April 1983)

·         Gender Quota: No

·         Female candidates in this election: N/A

·         Number of Female Parliamentarians: 70 (following the 2011 elections)

·         Human Development Index Position: 4 (2014)

·         Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) Categorization: N/A

Disability Data:

·         Is Denmark a signatory to CRPD: Yes (30 March 2007)

·         Has Denmark ratified CRPD: Yes (24 July 2009)

·         Population with a disability: 846,521 (est.)

Election Modified: Jun 21, 2024

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