Record Modified: Aug 16 2023

May 6, 2012 Held


Republic of Serbia

Election for Narodna skupština (Serbian National Assembly)


Cast Votes:3,911,136
Valid Votes:3,739,317
Invalid Votes:171,819


Party Seats Won Seats Change Votes

Let's Get Serbia Moving (ПОКРЕНИМО СРБИЈУ) 73 - 940,659


Choice for a Better Life (ИЗБОР ЗА БОЉИ ЖИВОТ) 67 - 863,294


Ivica Dačić List 44 - 567,689


Democratic Party of Serbia 21 - 273,532


Turnover 19 - 255,546


United Regions of Serbia (Уједињени региони Србије; Ujedinjeni regioni Srbije) 16 - 215,666


Serbian Radical Party - - 180,558


Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians 5 - 68,323


Party of Democratic Action of Sandžak 2 - 27,708


All Together 1 - 24,993


None of the above 1 - 22,905


Albanian Coalition from Preševo Valley 1 - 13,384


More Info:

At stake in this election:

  • 250 seats in the National Assembly (Narodna skupstina)

Description of government structure:

  • Chief of State: President Slavica Đukić DEJANOVIC *
  • Head of Government: Prime Minister Mirko CVETKOVIC
  • Assembly: Serbia has a unicameral National Assembly (Narodna skupstina) with 250 seats.

* DEJANOVIC is Acting President

Description of electoral system:

  • The President is elected by absolute majority vote through a two-round system to serve a 5-year term.
  • Prime Minister is elected by parliament.
  • In the National Assembly (Narodna skupstina) 250 members are elected through a closed-list proportional representation system to serve 4-year terms.***

*** Parties compete in one, nationwide district. There is a 5 percent threshold to enter parliament, however, there is no minimum threshold for political parties representing coalitions of ethnic minorities. The d'Hondt method is used to award seats. According to an amendment to the Law on Elections of Representatives enacted in 2011, at least one in every three candidates in numerical order on every party list is required to be of the other gender.

Main parties in the electoral race:

** Coalition led by the Serbian Progressive Party. Includes: New Serbia, Association for Small and Medium Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, Coalition of Refugee Associations in the Republic of Serbia, Power of Serbia Movement - BK, People's Peasant Party, Bosniak People's Party, Democratic Party of Macedonians, Roma Party, Vlach Unity Movement, Socialist Movement, Movement for the Economic Revival of Serbia
**** The URS is led by G17 PLUS and includes Together for Šumadija, Vojvodina's Party, People's Party.
***** Comprises the Socialist Party, Party of United Pensioners, and United Serbia
********** Comprises the BDU, CAH, DUC, DFVH, and Slovak Party.

Population and number of registered voters:

  • Population: 7,199,077 (2012)
  • Registered Voters: 6,749,688 (May 2012)

Gender Data:

·         Female Population:3,682,143 (2012)

·         Is Serbia a signatory to CEDAW: No

·         Has Serbia ratified CEDAW: Yes, succession (12 May 2001)

·         Gender Quota: Yes

·         Female candidates in this election: Yes

·         Number of Female Parliamentarians: 81 (following the 2012 elections)

·         Human Development Index Position: 66

·         Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) Categorization: Very Low

Disability Data:

·         Is Serbia a signatory to CRPD: Yes (17 December 2007)

·         Has Serbia ratified CRPD: Yes (31 July 2009)

·         Population with a disability: 1,079,861 (est.)