Oct. 9, 2022 Held


Republic of Austria

Election for Austrian Presidency


Voter Participation

Cast Votes:4,148,082
Valid Votes:4,056,729
Invalid Votes:91,353

Vote Share by Candidate:

Alexander Van der Bellen2,299,590


Walter Rosencrantz717,097


Dominik Wlazny337,010


Tassilo Wallentin327,214


Gerald Grosz225,942

Election Results Modified: Oct 19, 2022

General Information

At Stake in this Election:        

  • The Office of the Presidency of Austria 

Government Structure: 

  • Chief of State: President Alexander VAN DER BELLEN 

  • Head of Government: Chancellor Karl NEHAMMER 

  • Assembly: A bicameral Parliament with a 183 seat National Council (Nationalrat) and a 61 member Federal Council (Bundesrat

Electoral System: 

  • The President of Austria is directly elected by universal voting-eligible suffrage. If no candidate receives more than 50% of votes in the first round, then the two candidates who received the highest share of votes participate in a second round. The President is elected to a six-year term. 

  • The Federal Chancellor is appointed by the President. Generally, it is the leader of the majority party in the National Council.  

  • The 183 members of the National Council (Nationalrat) is elected by party-list proportional representation with partially open lists. They are elected to a five-year term.  

  • The 61 members of the Federal Council (Bundesrat) are elected according to proportional representation by each of the Austrian states' legislatures for 5- to 6-year terms. 

Main Candidates in this Election:  

  • Dr. Michael BRUNNER  

  • Party: MFG Austria – People Freedom Fundamental Rights / MFG Österreich – Menschen Freiheit Grundrechte 

  • Gerald GROSZ  

  • Party: Independent 

  • Dr. Walter ROSENKRANZ 

  • Party: Freedom Party of Austria / Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs 

  • Heinrich STAUDINGER 

  • Party: Independent 

  • Dr. Alexander VAN DER BELLEN 

  • Party: Independent 

  • Dr. Tassilo WALLENTIN 

  • Party: Independent 

  • Dr. Dominik WLAZNY 

  • Party: Beer Party 

Population and Registered Voters: 

  • Population: 8,913,088 (2022 est.)1 

  • Registered Voters: 4,835,469 (2019)

Gender Data: 

  • Female Population: 4,520,992 (2022 est.)3 

  • Is Austria a signatory to CEDAW: Yes (17 Jul 1980)4 

  • Has Austria ratified CEDAW: Yes (31 Mar 1982)5 

  • Gender Quota: No 

  • Female Candidates in this election: No 

  • Number of Female Legislators (pre-election): 75 out of 183 (41%) in the National Council; 25 out of 61 (41%) in the Federal Council

  • Human Development Index (HDI) Position: Rank 25 at 0.916 (2022)

  • Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) Categorization: N/A 

Disability Data

  • Is Austria a signatory to CRPD: Yes (30 Mar 2007)8 

  • Has Austria ratified CRPD: Yes (26 Sep 2008)

  • Population with a disability: 1,299,833 (2022 est.)10 

IFES Resources: 

  • Does IFES have a presence in Austria: No 


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Election Modified: Mar 07, 2023

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