June 10, 2018 Held


Swiss Confederation



Voter Participation

Cast Votes:1,325,982
Valid Votes:None
Invalid Votes:None

Referendum Vote Share

Approval of the Sovereign Money Intiative




Approval of The Federal Act on Gambling




Election Results Modified: Jun 21, 2024

General Information

Switzerland: Referendum, 10 June 2018  

At stake in this referendum 

  • There are two separate pieces of legislation: the Sovereign Money Initiative, which will determine the authority of private banks to create money through loans, and the Federal Act on Gambling, which would legalize and tax online gambling. 

Description of government structure:  

  • Chief of State: President Alain Berset* (since 1 January 2018) 

  • Head of Government: President Alain Berset 

  • Assembly: Switzerland has a bicameral Federal Assembly  (BBundesversammlung/Assemblée Fédérale/Assemblea Federale) consisting of the Council of States (Ständerat/Conseil des Etats/ Consiglio degli Stati) with 46 seats and the National Council (Nationalrat/Conseil National/Consiglio Nazionale) with 200 seats. 

*The Federal Presidency rotates among the 7 members of the Federal Council, which is the formal chief of state.  

Electoral requirements:  

  • A majority of the popular vote and the cantons is required for the Sovereign Money Initiative (a popular initiative) to pass. A majority of the popular vote is required for the Federal Act on Gambling to pass. 

About the referendum:  

  • The Sovereign Money Initiative would prevent any bank but the Swiss National Bank from creating money. Banks that grant loans would be required to keep any amount of money they loan physically in their bank. 

  • The Federal Act on Gambling would implement an act passed in 2012 that legalizes and taxes online gambling through certified providers. 

Population and number of registered voters:  

  • Population: 8,179,294 (July 2016 est.) 
  • Registered Voters: 5,357,836 

Gender Data:  

  • Female Population: 4,145,195 (July 2016 est.) 
  • Is Switzerland a signatory to CEDAW: Yes (since 23 January 1987) 
  • Has Switzerland ratified CEDAW: Yes (since 27 March 1997) 
  • Gender Quota: No 
  • Female candidates in this election: N/A 
  • Number of Female Parliamentarians: 74 (29%) 
  • Human Development Index Position: 3 
  • Social Institutions and Gender Index (SIGI) Categorization: N/A 

Disability Data:  

  • Is Switzerland a signatory to CRPD: Yes 
  • Has Switzerland ratified CRPD: Yes 
  • Population with a disability: 1,792,000 
Election Modified: Jun 21, 2024

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